ASG Guidance Memorandum, May 28, 2006

Dear Members of the Allied Support Group:

As mentioned in an earlier communication, SGO and the Foundation leadership have been working together to develop a process for the “guidance to women” communications we inaugurated with the issuance of a guidance entitled “Understanding Ovarian Cancer Screening Results from the PLCO Trial” in March.

It is our goal to proactively communicate with you and the communities you represent when new findings are announced or when SGO issues a new position statement that requires clarification in order to ensure an accurate understanding of the new findings or position statement on the part of gynecologic survivors and the larger community.

The process we have detailed is triggered when these findings are made known to SGO or the Foundation leadership, or staff. We ask your help in communicating with us when you hear that new data is about to be published or when you see a story in the media that you feel needs more explanation.

Please e-mail us at [link to: info@] when you feel a review by the communications chairs of SGO and the Foundation is warranted. While in no way do we wish to limit who can contact us, each ASG member might want to consider an internal process so that the information is vetted by the group prior to contacting THE FOUNDATION.

This is another great example of the power of partnership that exists among us. We all strive to provide women with accurate, timely information and the “guidance to women” communication is just another mechanism to assist us in achieving this goal.

As always, please let Karen Carlson or me know if you have any questions.




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