Press Release: Rock & Roll Doctors to Release Debut CD “No Evidence of Disease” on Motéma Music, Sept. 8, 2009

Six Oncologists Band Together To Make Powerful Music and Raise Funds For Awareness of Women’s Cancer Care

They are six doctors you hope to never meet in a hospital, but you could have a great time rocking out to the music on their new CD: No Evidence of Disease. By day, the members of N.E.D. are oncologists and surgeons who guide women (and their families) through cancer diagnoses, always with the highest hope of delivering the sweetest words a cancer patient can hear: “No evidence of disease.”

During their off hours, they have gathered together from around the country to write, rehearse and record a debut EP featuring six original songs inspired by their experiences as doctors, which is slated for release on Sept 8th. The release will play a key role in launching National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, and includes a CD booklet that features a potentially lifesaving guide to the symptoms and treatment of the various cancers that can affect women’s reproductive systems. Proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to the N.E.D. Cancer Foundation, a new special fund established under the 23 year old Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF), a 501(c3) tax-deductible charity based in Chicago, IL.

The band’s name, N.E.D., is an abbreviation for “No Evidence of Disease.” The musicians are full-time practicing surgeons, researchers, and professors, each an expert in the field of cancer care. They come from all over the country: Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, and New York; and connected musically for the first time at the 2008 Society of Gynecologic Oncologists Conference, where they performed cover songs at an evening mixer. They discovered a natural chemistry, and the response from the audience for their first show was so positive, that they soon began to talk about forming a band. And so N.E.D. was created, and the doctors were able to expand their day-to-day healing efforts into the realm of writing and performing original music.

The band members developed their music across the miles with the aid of technology and mail services, and their commitment was rewarded when they were signed to Motéma Music, a Harlem-based indie label. Motéma had earlier released a benefit CD for the Dizzy Gillespie Memorial Fund at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, where Dr. Nagarsheth, N.E.D.’s drummer, practices. Jana Herzen, president of Motéma, soon became intrigued by the opportunity to help N.E.D. develop and record a benefit project as well. “Although my label has previously released mainly jazz CDs, this project felt right for Motéma. I responded to the songs, and appreciated that these doctors put their life experiences into their music and that the cause was crucial,” she explained. “The connection between music and healing is important to me. I was fascinated by these surgeons who were as passionate about playing music and about the healing aspect of music as they were about their medical work. I signed them because I knew we could empower them to make their best CD and also help them be effective at getting the word out to the public.”

To aid them in their cause, Motéma enlisted Grammy Award®-winning producer/engineer Mario McNulty, whose credits include work with such successful artists as David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Linkin Park and Anti-Flag. Motéma/Mother Cyclone Records recording artist KJ Denhert was also enlisted as a co-producer to help put the fledgling band on the fast track to a high quality studio recording.

The doctors worked over three separate and very intense work weeks with these two music industry guides, fueled by fierce dedication and compassion. The resulting tracks are nothing short of inspirational.

With lyrics that reveal themes of love, loss, healing and the “life force” power of music, the songs span an eclectic range of genres that will appeal to fans of artists ranging from R.E.M and The Smiths to The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

Even before the EP’s release, N.E.D has been profiled on NY1-TV, Fox TV 5 (Austin, TX), KOIN (Portland, OR), and in The New York Daily News and The Raleigh News & Observer. The News & Observer stated: “N.E.D. aims to be more than background noise, and in the process, give voice to illnesses that have for too long been quiet killers.”

The CD also includes an in-depth educational pamphlet: “What Every Woman Should Know,” which is a valuable and pocket-sided guide to gynecologic cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The September release of No Evidence of Disease coincides with Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. The band will also play a prominent role in the launch of the new Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Movement (GCAM), which will take place in November 2009 in Washington, D.C. Cross promotions are also planned with a new book on the healing power of music, written the band’s drummer, Nimesh Nagarsheth, with contributions from the members of N.E.D. and many others, including an introduction by cancer survivor Fran Drescher (author of the best seller: Cancer Schmancer).

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