Public Service Award Winners 2004: Bill Freer, Mary Martin, Mitchell Morris, MD

Bill Freer                    Mary Martin
In memory of a dear friend who died from ovarian cancer in 1995, Bill Freer and Mary Martin has donated their time and advertising talent to create numerous ads for the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (then called the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation). The Foundation will always be grateful to them for their contributions to our efforts to educate others about gynecologic cancer.”

Mitch Morris, MD
SGO Member Dr. Mitch Morris is honored for his long-standing commitment and leadership contributions to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (then called the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation). A member of the Board of Directors, Dr. Morris has served on many GCF committees and was the visionary behind the development of GCF’s website, the Women’s Cancer Network. Most notably, he developed the business plan that led to GCF’s recent transition to a stand-alone organization.


Visit the Sisterhood of Survivorship page to read “Dena’s Story” — by a vulvar cancer survivor who has shared her story and wise words, and channeled her energy into her National Race to End Women’s Cancer team.


The CDC recently announced that fewer than half of American children are given the HPV vaccination.


As of the July 23 deadline, 55 research abstracts were submitted in hopes of receiving one of only 6 grants from the Foundation. This points to a need for more funding so that the Foundation may award grants to every deserving applicant.


The Gynecologic Cancer Global Health Forum will be Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 in D.C.. For more information on educational events and courses, click here.