IRB Approved Surveys

In accordance with its mission to increase knowledge about gynecologic cancers, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) will participate in the distribution of approved surveys in one of two ways: (1) through a link on the Foundation’s website and/or (2) direct distribution to participants in Foundation survivors courses. All surveys must have IRB approval.

The fee for SGO/FWC members and their institutions will be $500 per survey. The fee for non-SGO member and their institutions will be $750 per survey.

If participants wish FWC to promote the survey distribution described in (1) above through a blast e-mail to its survivors list, segmented by cancer, there will be an additional fee of $300, which includes the initial e-mail and one follow-up e-mail. If further follow-up is needed, the fee is $200 for two additional e-mails.

Fees, with the exception of the optional reminder, must be paid in full prior to the beginning date of the survey.

Based on FWC approval, 300 copies of flyer promoting the survey may also be sent to FWC Headquarters for distribution at FWC courses. There is no fee for this and is offered to SGO/FWC members/institutions only.

Researchers who wish to avail themselves of these methods of distribution must submit proof of IRB approval with their request. The request must be submitted 15 days prior to the date the survey is to be posted the website or distributed at a survivors course(s). The request must include the end date for the survey. An extension may be requested but additional fees may apply.

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Approved August 26, 2009
Updated February 11, 2010
Updated December 13, 2010


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