A letter from a survivor in response to the numerous “pink” campaign emails she receives in October.

Good afternoon,

I wish an organization such as yours would step up to help the other cancers specific to women get the attention they deserve. “Below the belt” cancers do not get enough money or attention, and as an endometrial cancer survivor, I would prefer to see women address these cancers as well.

Fortunately, breast cancer is much easier to find, diagnose and treat at earlier stages. Unfortunately, the only test for cervical cancer is the PAP smear. There is no test for ovarian, uterine, endometrial, vulvar or fallopian tube cancer and often they are found so late that women are dying every day — nearly a third of all women diagnosed.

If you are looking for a GREAT organization that addresses these “other” cancers, please contact the National Race to End Women’s Cancer, which benefits the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. The race on Sunday, November 2 benefits this organization and helps to fund tools to find and treat gynecologic cancers.

Pink is great, but I am more than my breasts.

Thank you,
Ellen Dolinar
National Race to End Women’s Cancer Host Committee


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