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Know the 5 Gynecologic Cancers. Take steps today to protect your tomorrows.

#MoveTheMessage is calling on people from across the country to join the movement to increase awareness and drive early diagnosis of the 5 gyn cancers.

Increase awareness of the 5 gyn cancers



Simply post an image of yourself in motion – walking, cycling, dancing, or whatever gets you moving – and tag 5 friends with the message:

Know the 5 Gyn Cancers. Early detection matters.
Take steps today to protect your tomorrows.
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Every 5 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with 1 of the 5 gyn cancers – cervical, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal, or vulvar – totaling more than 109,000 Americans each year.

Many of these people are not diagnosed until the late stages of their disease resulting in more 33,000 people dying each year from a gyn cancer. These cancers affect people of all ages, from their teens through their 80s.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) urges everyone to LEARN, LISTEN and ACT to maintain their gyn health.

  • LEARN the symptoms and risk factors for each gyn cancer;
  • LISTEN to their bodies;
  • ACT to take preventative steps and seek care first from a gynecologic oncologist when a gyn cancer is suspected or diagnosed.

5 gyn cancer facts


When asked, 9 in 10 gyn oncologists said that patient education is very important to help improve patient outcomes and nearly 8 in 10 said the biggest barrier to early detection of gyn cancers is lack of awareness.

These free materials are available to download and share to help #MoveTheMessage about the 5 gyn cancers and reinforce the importance of early detection.

For more Educational Materials visit:


FWC is taking its message directly to communities across the country to drive awareness and support early diagnosis by motivating all people to help #MoveTheMessage.

A team of movers and shakers including social influencers, celebrities, and Society for Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) members will be spreading the word to know the 5 gyn cancers and creating a movement of change. The SGO is the premier medical society for health care professionals who specialize in gyn cancers and work to advance research, provide education, improve practice, and advocate for patients.

  • Individuals: All people can make a difference and help spread awareness by taking 5 minutes to create their own #MoveTheMessage
    post and tag 5 friends.
  • Organizations: The FWC and SGO welcome likeminded health advocates, community-based organizations, and cancer centers to join them to drive this important message of awareness and early detection.

Partners are welcomed as frontline advocates and storytellers as we #MoveTheMessage through marginalized communities and across media platforms. Tailored programs and collaborations are welcome!