Nov. 21, 2017


We are not alone: More than $394,460 raised by National Race to End Women’s Cancer 
Our Everyday Superhero Tent: An Oasis for Survivors
A maker of hope: Top team raises more than $25,000
Seven patient advocates hit the hill for gynecologic cancer funding
Did you know that the race is truly a national race?

We are not ‘alone’: More than $394,460 raised by National Race to End Women’s Cancer

raceimageSurvivors, families and advocates gathered from across the country on Nov. 5 in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, for the 8th National Race to End Women’s Cancer and raised more than $394,460 to help end women’s cancer.

The misty day did not deter the more than 100 race teams from wearing purple tutus, tiaras, handmade shirts and even superhero capes while networking and chatting with other survivors and advocates.

Team captain and survivor Stacey Hudson Padova described the race as a perfect time to raise awareness and money for the cause, but the race is also a reminder that survivors and patients are not alone in their cancer journey.

“When I first got to the race, this overwhelming emotion came over me because I realized that I am part of a much bigger community,” Padova said.

The 5k male winner Matthew Rodjom agreed with Stacey about why the race is an amazing event and cause. “I don’t know what these women have gone through, but I know the importance of community,” he said. “These women need to know that they are not alone and that others are fighting this fight.” Rodjom’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and his wife is currently fighting thyroid cancer. Rodjom has been top 5K male runner for the last three years at the race.

More than 1,900 donors donated virtually to the race with around 1,000 attendees at the race, which is more donations at race day than last year. The following list is the top team fundraisers:

  1. Wendy’s Warriors ($25,847 of $20,000 goal)
  2. Camille’s Crusaders ($14,125 of $30,000 goal)
  3. FWC/SGO Amy’s Avengers ($11,472 of $10,000 goal)
  4. Surgeons Team ($10,895 of  $10,000 goal)
  5. Team Joyful Cancer Warrior ($10,895 of $10,000 goal)

The top 5K runners:


  1. Matthew Rodjom        Fairfax, VA                 17:52
  2. Gregory Dost               Washington, DC        20:07
  3. Tyler Bronder              Washington, DC        20:24


  1. Elyse Braner                 Arlington, VA             19:59
  2. Anastasia Rickman     Washington, DC        20:46
  3. Kelly Buroker               Alexandria, VA           21:38

Male Masters (over 40 years old):

  1. Christian Schultz 20:20

Female Masters (over 40 years old):

  1. Sue Himes 22:07

A complete list of all the award winners and the full finishing times are available online. Individuals can still donate to the Foundation until Dec. 31. The Foundation’s 9th National Race to End Women’s Cancer event is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018.

Our Everyday Superhero Tent: An Oasis for Survivors

everydaysuperhero2tentSurvivors and patients relaxed and enjoyed an oasis away from the music and dancing at the Everyday Superhero Tent before the National Race to End Women’s Cancer. The tent encouraged reflection, remembrance and a chance to talk to other cancer survivors.

Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) staff member and endometrial cancer survivor Amy Dancisak, led a superhero-themed art activity for all survivors. The tent was filled with participants writing their superhero talent or race team name on snap bracelets to wear during the race.

Survivors, loved ones and advocates also wrote on our Everyday Superhero Wall and shared why they want to end women’s cancer. Some of the responses included: “For my wonderful Aunt Beverly — Gone too soon! Let’s rally together to end women’s cancer!” and “No one fights alone.”

The Everyday Superhero Tent was made possible through generous sponsorship by TESARO.

A maker of hope: Top team raises more than $25,000

wendywalkingThe top team fundraiser, Wendy’s Warriors, was led by Wendy Ericsson and her niece Lindsay Sweet, raising more than $25,000.

Wendy was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2012 and experienced a recurrence in 2017. She currently is participating in a clinical trial. For her, participating in the race and in a clinical trial represent an opportunity to become a hope maker.

“I want to help give other women at least a fighting chance,” she said. Wendy is the co-chair of this year’s National Race to End Women’s Cancer was she was recently given the 2017 Super Survivor Award. Learn more about Wendy’s story.

Seven patient advocates hit the hill for gyn cancer funding

gingerphotoSeven patient advocates of gynecologic cancer and 22 Society of Gynecologic Oncology members “Hit the Hill” for the 2017 Capitol Hill Fly-In Day in Washington, DC, on Nov. 3 meeting with more than 60 members of Congress’s Offices in one day. Patient advocates highlighted the importance of increased funding for gynecologic cancer clinical trials and the preservation of the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP) at the Department of Defense. The DOD funds represent $20 million per year toward innovative ovarian cancer research.

“The conversations on the Hill were great,” said Stacey Hudson Padova, patient advocate. “We talked about the need for clinical trials, and the need to start talking about the gynecologic cancers because we feel women’s cancers have been pushed aside.”

Patient Advocate Anna Marie DeCarlo agreed. “It is so important to make congressional leaders aware that ovarian cancer clinical trials is where new science and treatments are developed,” DeCarlo said.

Both DeCarlo and Padova said the purpose of the visit is to bring gynecologic cancers to the forefront.

The patient advocates included:

  • Camille Grammer
  • Tamika Felder
  • Erica Frazier Stum
  • Anna Marie DeCarlo
  • Debbie Miller
  • Dee Sparacio
  • Stacey Hudson Padova

In recent years, there has been a 90 percent decrease in Phase 3 NIH-supported cooperative group clinical trials in gynecologic cancer over the last 5 years. The FWC and SGO are working together to raise awareness about the crisis in gynecologic cancer clinical trials. Learn more about the crisis here.

Did you know that the race is truly a national race?

Below are the hometowns of our participants:

Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Beverly Hills, CA | Billings, MT | Cape Coral, FL | Cherry Hill, NJ | Cleveland, MS |Columbus, OH | Delafield, WI | Denver, CO | Greenville, SC | Kailua, HI | Louisville, KY | Mobile, AL | New Orleans, LA |Norfolk, VA | Pittsburgh, PA | San Antonio, TX | Santa Rita, Guam | Shelburne, VT | St. Louis, MO | Tacoma, WA | Yarmouth, ME



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