Ovarian Cancer Research Funding Sourcebook

The Ovarian Cancer Research Funding Sourcebook is a directory of foundations and agencies that support ovarian cancer research. It was developed by the Foundation in 2009 to help researchers identify new grant opportunities and to help donors identify research organizations that match their philanthropic interests. Cancer advocates and the general public also benefit from this clearinghouse of vital information about the ovarian cancer research community. The national and substantial state-based foundations and agencies listed in this directory all have a dedication to supporting and advancing ovarian cancer research, a peer review process for making their awards, and provide at least $50,000 annually in research funding.

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American Cancer Society (ACS)

ACS funds research on many cancers, including all aspects of ovarian cancer. Emphasizing investigator-initiated and innovative research, ACS funds about 19 ovarian cancer grants per year. The average grant amount is $720,000 for a multi-year award, and about seven million is dedicated to ovarian cancer research each year.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

The ACOG /Ortho Women’s Health & Urology Academic Training Fellowships provide research opportunities to ob/gyn residents and fellows in various specialties, including ovarian cancer. Projects can include basic research, education or health care delivery. Usually two fellowships, about $30,000 each, are awarded every year. Of the 42 grants made in recent decades, 13 have been in ovarian cancer.

Canary Foundation

Working on selected cancers including ovarian, the Canary Foundation focuses solely on early detection. Funding is awarded only to investigators working on projects and goals established in the Canary Research plan. Typically, three or four ovarian cancer grants, about $200,000 each, are awarded each year. Eighteen ovarian cancer grants have been made to date. The Foundation also funds a fellowship on early detection through the American Cancer Society.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

In the research component of CDC’s ovarian cancer initiative, CDC collaborates with public health schools, external researchers and other partners to study prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship and end of life issues. Current projects relate to pain management, social support and end of life care. Studies also assess patterns of care, physician referral patterns prior to diagnosis, perception of ovarian cancer risk and use of screening among women at average, elevated and high risk of ovarian cancer. Moreover, physician referral patterns prior to diagnosis are being studied looking at their relationship to ovarian cancer stage and histology. Congress designates funding on a periodic basis.

Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO grants are designed to encourage and promote high-quality research in clinical and translational oncology by providing funds to beginning, mid-career and established investigators. All types of oncologists are eligible to apply. Grant amounts vary from $50,000 annually for young investigators to $500,000 over five years for translational researchers who have made significant contributions to the direction of cancer research. Over 600 grants have been made to date.


Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP)

The OCRP stimulates and supports innovative, integrated, multidisciplinary research in the etiology, detection, prevention and control of ovarian cancer. Within this context, priorities and target award levels are set annually by an expert panel, which includes ovarian cancer survivor advocates. Ovarian cancer survivors also participate in the peer review of proposals. This year (FY ’09), the OCRP has received $20 million from Congress – double the amount it has received in recent years. Since its inception in 1997, over 170 awards have been made totaling $122 million.

Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC)

The non-profit leader in the funding of gynecologic cancer research, FWC annually offers 7-10 ovarian cancer grants. This foundation gives priority to young investigators and supports research on a range of ovarian cancer research topics. The average grant ranges from $25,000-$50,000. Over 50 ovarian cancer grants have been awarded to date and there is data that demonstrates that grant recipients have been successful in obtaining additional funding based upon the results of the GCF grants.

HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation

HERA provides funding for ovarian cancer research that encourages “outside the box” ideas, as well as collaborative projects.  Applications are accepted annually through the HERA website.  The average grant is $50,000, and the Foundation has awarded $824,650 in scientific research grants since 2002.

Illinois Department of Public Health, Office of Women’s Health

Ovarian cancer was recently added to this program, which funds researchers at Illinois institutions only. Average grant amounts are $35,000 for fellowships, $75,000 for standard grants. A minimum of $100,000 must be dedicated to ovarian cancer each year, and eight grants, totaling $335,000, have been awarded for work on this disease in the past three years.

Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation

This foundation provides funding solely for ovarian cancer research—concentrating its grants in the New York-Philadelphia region. They emphasize early detection and new treatments. Grants average $50,000. To date, over $2.6 million has been awarded.

Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research (LCFOCR)

The Lynne Cohen Foundation supports and enables collaborative, multi-institutional research combating ovarian cancer through prevention and early detection. A network of preventive care clinics, a consortium of researchers from prestigious cancer centers around the country, and a national data registry of high-risk patients from geographically diverse communities comprise the core of our direct efforts. Approximately five $100,000 grants are awarded each year. Over 70 grants totaling $4.5million have been awarded since 1998.

Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research

The Lynne Cohen Foundation supports and enables collaborative, multi-institutional research combating ovarian This foundation provides pilot study funding in all areas of ovarian cancer research, with an emphasis on translational applications. Seven to ten grants are awarded annually. Average awards are between $60,000 and $75,000. Over 70 awards have been made to date.

Mary Kay Ash Foundation

This foundation supports research on women-specific cancers. Grants average $100,000 and emphasize translational research. One to four ovarian cancer grants are awarded annually. More than 24 ovarian cancer grants have been awarded to date.

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

While open to proposals addressing all aspects of ovarian cancer, special consideration is given to clinical research focusing on improvements in treatment. Investigators must be based in Minnesota. The average grant amount is $70,000 and four to six grants are awarded each year. Thirty-three grants, totaling over two million, have been awarded to date.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Providing $97 million dollars last year for ovary cancer, the NCI is the leading funder of ovarian cancer research. Their portfolio covers prevention, screening, basic biology, treatment, symptom management and survivorship issues. Award levels and mechanisms are variable. Training grants are restricted to US citizens and legal US residents. Currently there are over 650 active grants.

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF)

Among the earliest of the ovarian cancer research initiatives, OCRF is also among the largest of the non-profit research funds, providing approximately five million dollars annually for ovarian cancer research. OCRF focuses on training and seed grants that position investigators to apply for larger program or project grants. OCRF awards between six and 12 grants per year, with grant amounts ranging from $75,000-$900,000. Over 100 grants have been awarded to date.

Ovations for the Cure

Ovations’ research goals include the development of a screening test and biomarkers to improve early detection and targeted treatments, as well as quality of life issues. The foundation awards two $50,000 grants each year and has awarded four grants to date.

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

This foundation emphasizes research on early detection and cure. Typically one or two $70,000 grants are awarded each year. Special consideration is given to researchers in the Philadelphia area. Twelve grants have been awarded to date.

Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, Inc

Focusing primarily on early detection, this is one of the newest foundations to form. They concentrate their grant making in the Philadelphia area and have awarded two grants per year in the past two years.


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